Special Water Collections

Our three special collections on water were put together with the support of the Law Foundation of Ontario. They have been gathered for the use of those involved in reforming water management policy, laws and programmes for sustainability in a world where it is probable that our water supplies will be further diminished by pollution, overuse and climate change. We stand on a threshold where our actions today will determine water availability for future generations. It is our hope these three collections will assist those working for water sustainability to make this the “turnaround decade”.

~ the Source Protection Collection

After the Walkerton tragedy, the Ontario government has set about implementing all of the recommendations of the Walkerton Inquiry to ensure that such a senseless contamination of a drinking water supply never occurs again. Foremost among the recommendations is the proactive preventative requirements for protection of drinking water at the source. The Ontario Clean Water Act has set that process in motion. The watershed plans it mandates are about to commence. This collection contains materials on the shaping of Ontario’s source protection framework, guidance documents on implementation as well as technical and practical documents on how best to put these plans in place. Examples of source protection efforts in other jurisdictions are included. See collection

~ the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Collection

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement has been the central tool guiding the clean-up restoration and protection of the Great Lakes ecosystem since 1978. This pioneering international Agreement is currently being examined by the federal, state and provincial governments as well as the public to determine its ability to deal with historic and new challenges and stresses to this vulnerable ecosystem. This collection includes materials gathered in the research and writing of the book, the Evolution of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement by Lee Botts and Paul Muldoon, historic documents on the agreement as well as materials on the current debate and relevant popular and government documents on the consideration of the review of the Agreement. This collection also documents the extensive role the public has played in protecting the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River ecosystem. See collection

~ the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement Collection

In 1997 the 8 Great Lakes States and 2 Provinces realized that they did not have adequate protections in place to protect the Great Lakes from large diversions, bulk water exports and wasteful use within the Basin. They set out to negotiate new water management rules in the region and in December 2005 two new Agreements were signed that set out these new rules. Now governments in the States and Provinces and their citizens have the challenge of putting these protections in place in all ten jurisdictions and implementing key provisions such as conservation programmes into practice. This collection includes documents on the complex issues contained in these agreements and information on new water management challenges such as best practices in water conservation for sectors, understanding consumptive and cumulative use and new science on the impacts of climate change and withdrawals on the ground and surface waters and all life dependant on this unique ecosystem. See collection

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